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A Few Facts About Conflict

Conflict is a fact of life, no one is immune. Conflict is not necessarily bad or destructive. Conflicts are great catalysts for growth, agents of change and can be a positive force. The key question is: How do we respond when we areconfronted? Without any governing principles or guidelines people will fight in ways that lead to chaos and emotional pain. We then sow the seeds for further discord by fighting improperly. If we can pre-decide the rules of engagement, we have a much better chance of containing the negative outcomes and promoting the positive ones.

A Short History of Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is the process of attempting to resolve a dispute. War, or on a smaller scale, infighting was the earliest and most common method of conflict resolution for centuries. With the advent of civilization, war's younger brother,litigation, became the resolution tool of choice.

Then, at the beginning of the Cold War (1950’s and 1960’s) with the development of nuclear weapons and their threat to human survival, a group of pioneers from different disciplines saw the value of studying conflict, as a separate discipline, whether in international relations or in families. They saw the potential of applying developing approaches in fields as disparate as social psychology, industrial relations and systems conflict theory. After initial resistance, their ideas and findings began to be accepted and the field of conflict resolution grew and spread during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The Rise of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, includes dispute resolution processes and techniques that fall outside of the traditional and more formal government judicial process. In essence, simple, practical peacemaking tools for everyday life. In the 1980’s, business firms, searching for faster, cost efficient ways to resolve disputes turned first to arbitration, and, later, mediation, for the enforcement of contracts. A new body of case law followed.

In the 1990’s a series of federal laws such as the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 extended and sanctioned the process throughout the federal government. The Uniform Mediation Act, drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, and approved by the Conference in 2001, has been adopted in eight jurisdictions and proposed in four more. Court related ADR programs now exist in 149 federal district courts, 13 federal appellate courts, and 65 state courts, including 44 state-wide programs.

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