78% of Americans Oppose Raising Social Security Retirement Age

78% of Americans Oppose Raising Social Security Retirement Age

“The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has released a new poll on Americans’ views on Social Security, proposals for raising the retirement age, and cutting benefits. The national telephone poll, conducted June 24-June 30th by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, shows a growing disconnect between the average American’s economic priorities and those being debated in Washington.

Poll highlights include:

• Only 2% of Americans believe Social Security is a major cause of the deficit with 77% opposing any changes in Social Security as part of a deficit reduction plan.
• Two out of three Americans (64%) think Social Security provides security and stability to our economy while only 20% see the program as a drain on the economy. 70% believe this recession underscores the critical role Social Security fills for families.

• Virtually all Americans polled (98%) believe Social Security funds belong to the people who contributed them and their beneficiaries and a majority (71%) say Social Security is a promise made to all generations that should not be broken.”

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