How To Implement Your Debt Resolution Choice

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Bank and Credit Card Information This site has tons of useful free information on many aspects of personal finance, especially related to banking products. It provides free access to online calculators for credit card payoff times, true cost of minimum payments, mortgage scenarios, and much more. A great information source on credit cards, secured or unsecured. Lots of free articles and content designed to help consumers understand credit card accounts and credit usage in general. If you're looking to rebuild your credit using high-quality secured credit cards, this is the site to start with. This is an industry site for the credit card world. You can find out a lot of useful information about current credit card offers, rates, what's going on in the credit card world, etc. Very useful stuff, but a bit more on the technical side.

Budgeting, Saving Money This site is chock full of free articles on personal finance, information on how to save money on your bills, where to obtain loans at the best rates, financial calculators, and a lot more more.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance. Even if you don't live in Maine, this site provides a wealth of information that can help from articles like "Can I Save my Home from Foreclosure?" or "Setting Priorities for Paying Your Debts When You Can't Pay All Your Bills," to a state by state listing for legal services sites, and a lot more.

Credit Scores & Credit Reports is the official website maintained by the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax) for consumers to obtain their free annual credit report (as required by law, as opposed to other sites that advertise "free credit reports" but don't provide them.

We also recommend TransUnion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring . All three credit reporting sites Experian, Equifax and TransUnion offer credit monitoring services. But for several reason, we found TransUnion's True Credit site to be the best including ease of use, cost and services offered. Click here to find out more.

Consumer Complaints

Better Business Bureau. Use their safe shopping site to locate companies that are members of their local Better Business Bureau, pledge to meet the BBBOnLine Seal standards for ethical online business practices and have agreed to resolve complaints using the BBB's dispute resolution program or a similar program. Also to make complaints about unfair business practices. This is the official site of the Federal Trade Commission. They have a lot of useful consumer-oriented articles on debt and credit. This is also the agency you should complain to if you've been abused or harassed by a bill collector.

Internet Crime Complaint Center. Co-sponsored by the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center, this is the place to go when you believe you have been the victim of a crime on the Internet.

Do It Yourself

Debt Consolidation Calculator From MSN Money Central go here for online tools.

If you decide to do it yourself this is a good place to look for advice. You can download a free 32 page consumer report and the programs offerred are competively priced. - The Solution To Your Debt Hassles.

Doing It Online

Finding the Right Champion

Remember the industry isn't regulated and relies on private associations. When conducting your search try one of the following:

IAPDA, The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators Certifies its members. Remember TASC only certifies individual members only, not the firms they work for.

TASC, The Association of Settlement Companies provides a list of its members. You can search for one near you.

Legal Answers Online

We cannot answer every legal question on this website. However, we have partnered with, which allows you to ask questions via email to one of their thousands of attorneys and other legal Experts. Answers come in an average of under 10 minutes and often include pictures or video., a well known legal research resource, has launched a portal designed to make it easier for everyone from small-business owners to people planning their estates to access legal information and tools. It also has a bankruptcy and debt help center. And, an answer Q&A where you can post a question and get an answer.

USLegalforms. Are you good at following instructions and filling out blank forms? Do you feel confident enough to do it yourself? Forms usually run between $25 and $50.

Support Groups

Debtors Anonymous is a fellowship that provides mutual help in recovering from compulsive indebtedness. Primary purpose of members is to stay solvent and help other compulsive debtors achieve solvency. Newsletter and phone support network. Offers online support and listings of local meetings.

The Money Channel's Debt Support Group is a group of iVillage members who recognize debt problems in their personal lives, and come together to effect positive, long-term change in their financial lives by breaking the cycle of debt.

Shopping Addicts Support. Online. For people who are, or think they may be, addicted to shopping to help and support each other.

Spenders Anonymous. Support for those who have problems spending compulsively using the 12-step approach. Script for running a meeting is at their website.

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