Elder Abuse is Often Underreported

Abuse against the elderly is among the most undetected crime and can include neglect, financial exploitation and physical harm. An aging population, joblessness, inter-generational households and family caregiver stress make different types of elder abuse more common.

A lot of times, the elderly are too afraid to let anyone know that they're being abused because their abuser is also their caregiver . Often, the crimes are so hidden that abuse is only discovered at an autopsy — when its too late.

According to findings of a Cornell University Medical School Study released last about one in 13 persons 60 and older (7.6 percent) suffers from at least one form of elder abuse. While emotional/psychological abuse is the most common form reported to agencies, followed by physical abuse, the self-reported study found financial exploitation to be the most prevalent form of elder mistreatment. The study surveyed 4,000 people over age 60 throughout N.Y. state.

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