Northwestern Mutual Releases 2010 Cost of Long-Term Care Study

Northwestern Mutual has studied the costs of long-term care around the country. In their 2010 report, released on December 7, 2010, they unveil the national averages for home health care, assisted living, and nursing homes. Because costs of long-term care vary widely depending on the geographic location of the resident, this type of research is essential for individuals who are researching long-term care in various areas of the United States.

To obtain data, nearly 2,000 assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and home care providers in different areas were interviewed. The research indicates that costs for long-term care are highest in the East. For instance, Washington D.C. and six other states have average assisted living costs above $4,000 per month. The least expensive state — in terms of assisted living care — is North Dakota, which averages just $1,900 per month.

Alaska residents may be shocked to learn that their state has the highest average costs for nursing home care at $538 per day, which is significantly higher than the next highest state average — Connecticut, which averages $352 per day. Lousiana residents, on the other hand, can take advantage of the lowest nursing home rates nationally at just $127 per day.

Costs for home health care also vary widely based on geographic location, with Missouri and Montana boasting average hourly rates of just $19 per hour, compared to West Virginia, where average hourly rates are around $60 per hour.

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