Some Retirees Opting for Campus Life

Retirement communities are typically nestled near beaches or golf courses. Some, however, are beginning to emerge somewhere else: on university campuses. University-based retirement communities offer the educational opportunities, cultural activities and other perks of college settings, and these attractions are luring many aging Americans back to school.

Roughly 50 campus retirement communities have sprung up around the country, with another 50 planned.

The most desirable university retirement communities meet five criteria:

1. Proximity - communities should be within a mile of their host schools.

2. Two-directional programming, another key factor, guarantees interaction between residents and students.

3. Continuing-care options like assisted living and nursing care are critical.

4. Financial commitment by host schools should through leasing land and sharing facilities.

5. Educational opportunities which are paramount in attracting residents.

For all their attractive qualities, these communities are expensive. Entry fees typically run six figures, in addition to steep monthly fees then run into the thousands of dollars.

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